New Intel 13th Gen Core CPUs may deliver up to 53% more performance

Upcoming Intel Raptor Lake processors won't be overclockable but will still pack plenty of power, in addition to a hopefully lower price tag

An Intel LGA1700 processor, used in the design for 12th and 13th Gen processors

Overclockable Intel 13th Gen Core CPUs have been available for the past couple of months now, but team blue has left budget PC builders wanting in that time. This could all be set to imminently change, with the arrival of cheaper, less powerful processors. They’ll still pack a performance punch, though, if leaked benchmarks are anything to go by.

Gamers are practically spoiled for choice these days when it comes to picking the best gaming CPU for their build, with both AMD and Intel offering compelling chips. However, team blue finds itself in an advantageous position of offering more processors that are compatible with their current generation socket.

Now, according to benchmarks obtained by g01d3nm4ng0, it seems that new Intel 13th Gen Core CPUs may deliver up to 53% more performance than their last generation counterparts (via Videocardz). In Cinebench R23 multi-core tests, the i9 13900 left the i9 12900 in the dust with a score of 38,496 versus its predecessor’s 25,001.

Things look just as bright on the lower end of the product stack too, with the i5 13400 delivering 28% more performance than the 12400. Single core gains are less impressive, ranging from 6-10% but this is still an improvement nonetheless.

We’ll likely get more details on these 13th Gen Core processors from Intel during CES, including their release date and pricing. Not long after then, we should hopefully see some gaming benchmarks emerge too.