Microsoft leaks unannounced 13th Gen Intel Core processors

New 13th Gen Intel Core CPUs have been revealed by Microsoft after the company listed unannounced i3 and i5 models as part of Windows 11 system requirements

A 13th Gen Intel Core processor floating against a Microsoft Windows 11 'bloom' logo

The arrival of K-series 13th Gen Intel Core processors was greeted with much fanfare from critics and users alike, but team blue is yet to reveal all the models it plans to release under the Raptor Lake banner. Now, it seems that Microsoft may have inadvertently let slip the entire lineup as part of an update to its Windows 11 processor requirements page.

While the best gaming CPU for most people will likely remain among the already available 13th Gen Intel Core processors, less powerful but more budget friendly chips do appear to be on the way soon. According to the Windows 11 support page (via Videocardz), we should expect more Core i5 as well as some Core i3 models to pop up in the near future.

As you might expect, these new processors follow the same naming structure as the previous generation CPUs, with the Core i3 13100 naturally replacing the i3 12100. However, we’ll need to wait and see how much of a performance increase these 13th Gen chips offer versus their 12th Gen counterparts, as they’re rumoured to use the older Alder Lake die.

We don’t yet know when we can expect cheaper AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors, but this is certainly a case of when rather than if. The real question is whether team red plans to release more budget friendly chips prior or following its rumoured 3D V-Cache enabled CPUs.