Intel Arc A380 GPU shown running Monster Hunter Rise at over 90 fps

The most powerful entry-level GPU in the Intel Arc lineup has recently been shown running Monster Hunter Rise at a high frame rate

An Intel Arc A380 GPU

Intel Arc graphics cards are yet to properly launch in markets outside of China, but that isn’t stopping team blue from showing off its entry-level A380 GPU playing the latest PC games. Now, the company has shared a video of its pixel pusher running Monster Hunter Rise at over 90 fps, with some small caveats.

Ryan Shrout, senior director of graphics and HPC marketing, posted a video on Twitter of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak gameplay captured on an Intel Arc A380 GPU. Shrout highlights that the graphics card maintains a frame rate above 90 fps even during an “intense scenario” against one of the game’s creatures.

However, this level of performance was achieved by the Arc A380 while running the game at 1080p, using its medium graphical preset. It’s unclear why Intel didn’t decide to run the game using higher settings, especially considering Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak isn’t particularly demanding.

There’s still no sign of when the Intel Arc A380 will appear on store shelves outside of China, let alone its more powerful counterparts. Unfortunately for team blue, the RDNA 3 and RTX 4000 release dates are fast approaching, which may leave its best graphics card dead on arrival.