Intel Arc CPU requirements spell trouble for old gaming PCs

Intel Arc GPUs for desktop are set to arrive next week, but the A750 and A770 might not get along with your gaming PC if you're using an older CPU

Intel Arc GPU with sad face next to CPU that also has a sad face infront of blue backdrop

Intel Arc graphics cards are on the way, but gaming PC compatibility isn’t a given. In fact, there’s a chance the new desktop GPUs won’t play nice with older rigs, thanks to A750 and A770 CPU system requirements.

Highlighted by YouTuber JayzTwoCents, Intel Arc A750 and A770 GPU boxes state you’ll need one of the company’s 10th gen CPUs, a “select” AMD Ryzen 3000 chip, or something newer than the two options.

While the Intel Arc desktop range caters to the cheap gaming PC scene in terms of price and specs, the strict requirements link to the GPU’s reliance on either a resizable bar or AMD’s smart access memory, both of which improve performance by granting elevated access to VRAM.

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Intel has mentioned GPU system requirements in the past, as Fellow Tom Petersen explicitly tells viewers to turn their resizeable bar on while using an Arc card. Yet, it’s easy to forget that the feature only arrived two years ago, and the oldest Ryzen chip with smart access memory debuted in 2019.

You won’t need the best gaming CPU to use an Intel Arc card, but if you’ve not upgraded your rig in a while, buying one could come with additional costs attached. Sure, if you build the best gaming PC on a budget right now, you’ll probably end up with a newer chip on your parts list. However, the requirements will sting anyone looking to upgrade older systems, and it may ultimately prevent players from jumping on the Arc Alchemist bandwagon.

It’s worth noting that while Intel’s recommendations state you’ll need a resizable bar or smart access memory, you’ll technically still be able to use Arc GPUs without one. Choosing to do so will affect your ability to boost fps and maintain decent performance, especially when it comes to large chunks of open-world game data. Of course, all of the best graphics card options benefit from the CPU tech, so you’ll want to turn it on when using any Nvidia or AMD rivals.