Intel Core i5 13400 performance mirrors 12600K in CPU benchmarks

Picking up an Intel Core i5 13400 may offer you performance comparable to the 12600K when it eventually arrives on the scene in the coming months

An Intel LGA1700 processor, as found in the Raptor Lake and Alder Lake series of CPUs

The first benchmarks showcasing Intel Core i5 13400 performance have arrived, and it looks as though the processor is shaping up nicely. In fact, it appears that the budget-leaning Raptor Lake chip trades blows with an overclockable 12th Gen CPU: the Core i5 12600K.

The Intel Core i5 13400 has a good shot of becoming the best gaming CPU for those looking for the greatest value option when it comes to their next processor. Featuring six performance cores, four efficiency cores and 16 threads, it should make short work of basically any game you throw at it and offer enough power to keep up with mainstream GPUs.

Getting down to brass tacks, PC outlet nguyencongpc put the Core i5 13400 through its paces by benchmarking across a suite of applications, including Cinebench R23 and PugetSystem (via WCCF Tech). While no games were part of its testing regime, these results do give us some indication of how powerful the chip is.

In Cinebench R23, the Core i5 13400 fell behind the 12600K in the multithreaded benchmark by 1.8k, but closed the gap in singlethreaded tests to just 0.1k. Meanwhile, in PugetSystem Premiere and Photoshop, the Raptor Lake processor either matched or fell within margin of error behind its Alder Lake predecessor.

We’ll likely hear more about this new CPU from team blue in the coming months, and should hopefully see some gaming benchmarks emerge closer to release. For now, as always, it’s best to take these pre-release figures with a grain of salt.