Intel Core i9 13900K overclock smashes previous world record

Extreme overclockers have achieved clock speeds of 9.008GHz on the Intel Core i9 13900K through the power of liquid helium, breaking a world record

An 13th Gen Intel Core processor, against a glassy blue background

The Intel Core i9 13900K delivers great performance out of the box, but you can squeeze even more power out of the CPU through overclocking. Now, as is tradition with each of team blue’s flagships, enthusiasts continue to push the chip to its limits. In doing so, they’ve managed to break a world record.

In addition to being the best gaming CPU money can buy, the Intel Core i9 13900K is now a certified record-breaking processor. While the chip’s stock clock speeds are rated for up to 5.80GHz, the overclocking team at Asus were able to go much, much higher.

Extreme overclockers Jon Sanström and Pieter Plaisier were previously able to reach 8.80GHz using the Core i9 13900K in combination with liquid nitrogen. However, they’ve since been able to push up to a world record breaking 9.008GHz through the power of liquid helium, which is around -269°C.

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You can check out an interview with the pair in the video above, in which they outline what overclocking is and provide some tips on how to achieve the best overclocks for your own CPU. Should you be brave enough to overclock your CPU, be it a Core i9 13900K or otherwise, just don’t expect to achieve similar frequencies to Sanström and Plaisier.