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Save up to 36% on some of Intel’s i7 and i9 CPUs

Big savings on 9th and 10th gen Intel chips

Intel's been offering some pretty tasty deals on its 9th and 10th gen processors recently, cutting the cost of its top end i7 and i9 chips on Amazon. It's fair to say all of these CPUs would be right at home in the best gaming PC build, and saving up to 36% makes them an absolute bargain.

Intel's i9-10900F is discounted in both the US and UK. It's based on its flagship i9-10900K chip, which is one of the best gaming CPUs you can buy right now, but without the overclocking ability or integrated graphics. Who really needs integrated graphics anyway when you're likely pairing the chip with the best graphics card? Plus, if you're not interested in how to overclock your CPU it won't bother you too much, and you're still getting a tencore, 20-thread powerhouse of a chip.

UK customers can take a 32% (£172) discount on the 10900F, bringing it down to £357.99 from its MSRP of £529.99. Over in the US, there's an 8% ($34) discount, with a new price of $388.22 compared to $423.

Intel’s 9th generation eight-core i7-9700K, which is still a great CPU, is also discounted 24% ($97) to $312.94 from $409.99, perfect if you’re looking to spend a little less. This still won’t be anywhere near a bottleneck in any of the best PC games, and should keep you happy for a few years to come. Plus, it’s unlocked for overclocking with the best AIO cooler.

Intel’s i9-9900K is also cheaper in the UK if you don’t need the latest and greatest, with a hefty 36% (£191) discount to £333.99 from £525.

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If you’ve been looking to switch up from an old AMD FX or Intel chip that’s a couple-more generations old, these discounted chips could be a great upgrade path.