Intel Meteor Lake CPUs could arrive in 2023 to challenge AMD

The blue team's next chips are inbound, but future gen Meteor Lake CPUs could show up early next year to continue the fight against AMD Zen 4

Intel Meteor Lake: CEO Pat Gelsinger holding CPU

Intel Meteor Lake CPUs might arrive shortly after 13th gen Raptor Lake chips, as the company’s 7nm Process Nodes are “primed for mass production.” Whispers suggest the chip tech will arrive later this year, something that could help the blue team fight AMD Ryzen 7000.


According to a report by DigitimesIntel Meteor Lake 7nm silicon production is on track for H2 2022. While you should take any Intel Meteor Lake release date rumours with a grain of salt, the insider info lines up with the company’s roadmap, which claims the 14th gen lineup will arrive in 2023.

Back in May, the company showed off its future gen packages at a vision event, complete with a die design that uses the new Intel 4 process. Leaks also suggest the upcoming gaming CPUs will feature an LGA 1851 socket  a change that comes with motherboard caveats.

It might feel like Intel is getting ahead of itself, especially if you’ve only just upgraded your gaming PC with an Alder Lake CPU. Yet, Meteor Lake’s swift arrival should help the company compete with AMD, as Zen 4 is set to pack a punch. However, that’s not to say that Raptor Lake isn’t up to the task, as 6Ghz clock speeds could help set the performance bar higher than ever.