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Leaked Intel Raptor Lake 6GHz CPU-Z benchmarks have arrived

Intel Raptor Lake 6GHz benchmarks are making the rounds online, and the Core i9-13900KS gaming CPU seemingly leaves Alder Lake in the dust

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger holding Intel Raptor Lake box

An Intel Raptor Lake CPU with 6GHz clock speeds is on the cards for next year, but benchmarks for the chip are already popping up online. Figures suggest the souped-up 13th gen processor is 47% faster than an Alder Lake Core i9-12900KF, and it apparently outpaces the unlocked Core i9-13900K.

Spotted by 9550pro, the Intel Raptor Lake CPU leak provides CPU-Z results for the Core i9-13900KS – a best gaming CPU contender announced at yesterday’s Innovation event. According to the shared benchmarks, the chip achieved a single-core score of 982.5, while scoring 18453.4 in multi-core tests.

The Core i9-13900KS appears to be 4% faster than an unlocked Core i9-13900K, with the latter achieving a 945.3 single core score in previous benchmarks. It also beats the chip’s 16,877.1 multi-core stats, which works out at around 9% quicker (via Videocardz).

Intel Raptor Lake benchmark leak tweet by 9550pro with hyperlink

Of course, there’s a much wider gap to be found between the unreleased Raptor Lake SKU and Intel’s high-end Alder Lake. The Core i9-12900KF scores 825 and 11,322 in CPU-Z, meaning the newcomer could outpace the current flagship by 19% and 47% respectively.

It’s worth noting that the leak doesn’t include gaming PC setup details, or whether the chip is unlocked. Therefore, it’s best to take these early Core i9-13900KS benchmarks with a grain of salt. That said, the Raptor Lake latecomer will likely go head to head against the Ryzen 7000X3D, so it’ll need to pack a punch to win the crown.

Failing that, Intel will have to rely on 14th-gen processors to maintain a place at the top, but there’s a chance Meteor Lake won’t arrive until 2024. If the blue team’s Raptor Lake successor arrives late, it might lose ground to AMD Zen 4 opponents within the gaming CPU space.