Intel 13th gen CPUs are codenamed Raptor Lake, should follow Alder Lake in 2022

Intel Foveros 3D packaging

Although we’ve still got two generations of CPUs to look forward to – with one arriving tomorrow – Intel’s 13th generation CPUs are expected to land on shelves in 2022 under the codename of Raptor Lake, following the real-world lake theme of previous generations.

We can now be near-certain that this is the official name for the 13th generation chips, with Twitter leaker Momomo_us showing the name appearing in a search on Intel’s site. However, if you try and search for Raptor Lake on the company’s site yourself nothing will come up, unless you happen to be logged into an Intel employee account.

The release date for Intel’s 11th gen Rocket Lake-S processors is imminent, and it’s the last generation of CPUs to stick with the aging 14nm process before the 12th generation Alder Lake processors arrive later this year or early 2022, bringing with them a new and improved 10nm process. Many of the documents listed in the screenshots also reference Alder Lake, suggesting the 13th gen chips will use the same new 10nm process and big.LITTLE design as that upcoming generation.

This isn’t surprising considering we won’t see Intel’s 7nm process until at least 2023 when its 14th gen chips see the light of day – four years after AMD.

Another Intel slideshow leaked by Videocardz highlights some of the performance improvements we should see on Raptor Lake over the previous generation. There will be further upgrades to the big.LITTLE hybrid architecture, the same design found on Apple’s Silicon which has seen seriously impressive performance results. The slide also claims the CPU cache has been modified to improve gaming performance.

It’s a long way away, but this could be a very early glimpse at the best gaming CPUs of 2022 if Intel hits all the right beats. Only time will tell, though, and team blue still has to face off against AMD for the title, which is no small task.

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