Intel’s Xe HPG gaming GPU could be revealed this month

Binary code in a recent Intel teaser has been cracked, here's what it could mean

Intel Xe graphics card

We’re eagerly awaiting more information from Intel on the release of its new gaming-focussed graphics cards, which could break the Nvidia and AMD duopoly when it comes to choosing the best graphics card for gaming. While there have been a ton of leaks recently, there could be more (official) information coming from Intel very soon after a puzzling page for the Xe DG2 was discovered (via Wccftech).

Intel uploaded a teaser video for the Xe HPG alongside some binary code hidden within. Once converted, the binary gives an IP address which links to a ‘scavenger hunt’ page for the Xe HPG graphics card, telling you to come back and enter a secret code on March 26, at 4pm GMT / 12pm EST / 9am PST. Don’t think of this as confirmation that the card’s launching next week, however – there would undoubtedly be many more leaks were that the case.

Also hidden in the teaser is a set of coordinates which takes you to Niagara Falls. This could be the possible codename for Intel’s new gaming GPUs, following the water-themed trend of Intel’s ‘Lake’ codenames for its CPU range.

All these clues, plus an Intel webcast on March 23, are making it look increasingly likely that we’ll hear more information about Intel’s new gaming GPUs in some form before the end of the month. Even if there’s an announcement, it could be a number of months yet for Intel’s new GPUs to find themselves inside the best gaming PC.

Hidden page on Intel's site for the Xe HPG graphics card

Once released, the Xe-HPG will be Intel’s first discrete gaming GPU released since the failed Intel i740 back in 1998. The new card has a lot more going for it, though – it’s reportedly using a more advanced 7nm process than found in AMD’s cards. With a price point rumoured somewhere between $400 and $600, if Intel can manage to keep stock issues at bay, it could be a serious alternative to cards such as the RTX 3070 and RX 6700 XT.