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Invisible, Inc update adds two new characters and agent augmentation

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The latest update for Invisible, Inc adds two new spies, Nika and Dr. Xu, who fit nicely into crowd control and support roles respectively. Still, if you don’t like them you could always send them to the surgeon’s table and make a couple of alterations. The update has added agent augmentation to Klei’s XCOM-alike.

Like some sort of pacifist’s XCOM, Invisible, Inc puts you in command of a team of specialists, only you’re not fighting off alien invaders, you’re sneaking into corporation headquarters and robbing them blind.

This latest update makes a fair few changes and additions to the Early Access game. Firstly, there’s the two new agents. Nika, is the agent you want on your team for when everything goes wrong. She can wield two handed weapons - shotguns, rifles, anything that better take on a group of security. Dr Xu on the other hand is able to infiltrate computers remotely, even through walls. It’s easy to see while he could be a great person to have on the team, if you can hack a databank through the wall then you can dodge a lot of security cameras and guards.

The new cybernetics lab lets you submit your agents to mechanical augmentation, giving them abilities like heat vision, armour plating, and 360 degree line of sight. There’s also a new throwable item. a slew of new animations, HUD changes, and balance tweaks.

The full patch notes can be found on the next page.

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