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Get the superb, XCOM inspired strategy game Invisible, Inc for just $3

A decade after it first came out, stealthy turn-based strategy game Invisible, Inc is just $3 right now thanks to a supremely generous sale.

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There are far too many excellent turn-based strategy games to play them all these days, and with even more coming to PC everyday, going back to the landmark releases gets harder and harder. But if you missed it, Invisble, Inc from Don’t Starve developer Klei Entertainment is worth a return, particularly if you miss XCOM 2, and need something to fill the gap before (hopefully) XCOM 3. Oh, and if it helps, you can get it for just $3 right now.

Invisible, Inc is all about stealth. Taking control of secret agents in a cyberpunk future dominated by corporations, you have three days to prep for one final, covert operation. In that time you take your agents on turn-based isometric missions across the globe, finding info, resources, and anything to give you a leg up. The twist: every single layout, the rewards, and the challenge they present are procedurally generated.

Similar to XCOM, you’ve got a limited number of moves per turn in Invisible, Inc. Instead of positioning soldiers to get the best shot on an alien menace, though, you’re sneaking, covertly eliminating guards, stealing money and equipment, and then finding the quickest route to the extraction. Just like in XCOM’s turn-based strategy game stakes, if an agent dies and you don’t revive them, they’re gone for good.

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There are plenty of difficulty options, a custom mode that lets you tweak all the settings, and even an option to play endless battles, as opposed to operating in the time restrictions of the mainline campaign. The Contingency Plan DLC is also a part of this new, highly-discounted bundle. It extends the campaign and also adds new weapons, agents, missions, difficulty options, enemies, and more.

Sometimes you straight up miss out on a game that sounds exactly like it’s for you. So if you’re a fan of brutal strategy games like XCOM, corporatized cyberpunk worlds, and anything that focuses on stealth over sudden gunfights, Invisible, Inc is a must.

The complete Invisible, Inc bundle is 90% off until Thursday June 27, so expect to pay just $3 / £2.30, down from over $20 total. The anniversary bundle comes with the soundtrack and Contingency Plan expansion, with the bundle cheaper than just buying the base game – you can find it here.

There are plenty of other stealth games and strategy games to keep you busy alongside Invisible, Inc.

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