Iron Snout, a game about a kung-fu pig, is the best-reviewed new game on Steam

Iron Snout

The pace of PC gaming is really difficult to follow, even when you’ve got a team of die-hard PC players writing about them all day, every day. Of the hundreds of games published on Steam every month, some fall through the net. One of those escaped games is Iron Snout, which just so happens to be the best-reviewed game on Steam’s recent releases list. 

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If you take a look at the Popular New Releases section of Steam, it lists a huge selection of games that have been released in the last three months. These can be ordered by review scores, and doing that reveals the most critically acclaimed new game on steam: Iron Snout. With 3,097 positive reviews since its release on January 27th, clearly it’s doing something good.

That ‘good’ is playing as a high-kicking, somersaulting, kung-fu pig. That’s everything Iron Snout is about. Your pig avatar cannot move from the centre of the screen, and by tapping WASD you need to punch, kick, and jump to attack the variety of wolves that assault you. One’s dressed as a grandma!

“The game never gets boring, really. I’ve played 16 hours so far and I haven’t gotten bored. Iron Snout + Star Wars soundtrack = win,” says Steam reviewer Julesdav.

“Incredibly addicting little beat ’em up. Need to waste a couple of minutes? Play Iron Snout! It’s free!” writes Twisto.

As mentioned by Twitso, Iron Snout is free, and only 10MB to download. Why not kick in some wolf teeth and protect your own bacon by playing Steam’s most popular new release right now? You could even contribute to its swelling Steam reviews.