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Topic of the Week: What do you think of Legion?

Is WoW good?

Is World of Warcraft: Legion good? It's a question we've tried to answer in our review, but what do you think? That's what we're here to determine.

There's much of the community enamoured with what's being called the best expansion launch ever, both in terms of servers working and gameplay. However, balance concerns and a general lack of trust have an equally loud, if not quite as commonly held, voice.

So, what do you think? If you're not a player, how does it look from the outside? Are you still interested by MMOs in this, the year of our MOBA 2016? Let us know below.

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1 Year ago

It's OK, definitely better than Cataclysm, MoP or WoD which bore me to death in less than 10 hours. No really, I've tried each of those expansions and ended up quiting after just a couple of character levels. However, I'm still playing Legion.

Is it better than TBC or WotLK? I'm sure that someone can do a technical comparison about what each expansion brought to the game, however in my own opinion, based solely on how much I've enjoyed each, is that NO, TBC and WotLK are still the best expansions. After that it all went to hell.

So, Legion. What I like:

- zones are very well done, very atmospheric and very well laid out

- quests are decent

- you're never kept in one place for very long. Each quest hub only has a handful of usually short quests before moving you to a new location.Combined with the diversity of the zones this makes for a pleasant leveling experience

- zones and instances scale to your level. Well, that's not exactly what happens, but you get the point. The only problem is that you get high level people leveling alongside lower lever people, which leads to unbalanced "open world" PvP

What I dislike:

- combat has been over-simplified to the point there I just have to 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3 and I'll do just fine. Gone are most of the thinks that kept me engaged, now it's just button mashing while watching football on TV

- once again, they butcher the lore for fan-service

- the artifact weapons - no diversity, now everyone uses the same weapon with minor tweaks. Also, since the artifact weapon is spec locked, you're kind of forced into playing the spec for which you "leveled" your weapon the most. Switching to a different spec will be sub-optimal until you level that weapon to a comparable level. Not sure how any of that is a good idea

- the class hall thing. While I don't mind the idea of a zone where all members of a class can call their own, I really dislike the way you're made up to be the "leader" of that class. Again, unnecessary fan service. Also, those ridiculous mobile-ish "missions" are back, just as pointless as ever. We don't need a mobile game within our MMO, thank you very much

So, in conclusion, Legion brings very good content to the game, while continuing the trend of over-simplifying the game mechanics and providing excessive fan-service. The problem is that people didn't leave the game because of poor content ....