It’s Canada Day, so go buy a bunch of games

Canada Day Steam Sale

Steam has informed me that it’s Canada Day. It’s basically Canada’s birthday, where the colonies were unified into one nation partially ruled by us dastardly Brits. Thanks Steam! 

To celebrate, Steam’s gone and chucked a bunch of Canadian-made games into a sale. Yes, the Steam Summer Sale isn’t even cold yet, and Valve’s already moved onto the next one. 

I don’t know where most people are from because that’s a pretty boring factoid, so I was surprised to see so many cracking games. Well done Canada, you have some smart folk making games over there.

If you’ve still got money, which is doubtful, you should definitely consider Mark of the Ninja, Guacamelee, Rogue Legacy, Sword & Sworcery… okay, you should definitely consider the majority of the list. It’s a brilliant bunch of indie games.

Almost everything is under a fiver, so have at it

I feel bad about that header image. Sorry Canadians. Here’s a stereotype from my neck of the woods that you can laugh at: