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“It’s not easy being queen”: StarCraft 2’s Kerrigan trailered for Heroes of the Storm

Kerrigan, and one of her faithful insectoid pets.

Kerrigan is the perfect candidate for the game formerly known as Blizzard All-Stars. A major presence in all four StarCraft releases to date and subject of numerous tie-in novels, she’s as much coated in lore as she is spindly insect bits. 

Consequently her every word is now fan service – a fact Blizzard seem to have begun to recognise. Hence the very silly introductory reference here to that other great Ker – Kermit the Frog.

One of 18 heroes revealed at BlizzCon this year, Kerrigan has been forced to leave her swarm behind to enter the MOBA arena. By way of compensation, Blizzard have given her the heroic ability to summon an Ultralisk – the Zerg’s strongest late-game unit in StarCraft 2.

Other skills like Primal Grasp and Ravage are all about closing the gap between her and her enemies – and then doing awful things to them.

Did you know? Kerrigan’s pre-infestation ghost form was very nearly made a separate hero by Blizz’s Heroes of the Storm team. But it was eventually assimilated as an optional skin for Nova, whose assassination abilities are a far better fit for the young psy agent.

One key question remains: without recourse to cinematics and given Heroes of the Starm’s less-than-advantageous perspective, how on Earth are Blizzard going to keep showing Kerrigan’s bum every 10 minutes?