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Izle, the voxel-based, island-hopping adventure, gets a demo

Izle demo

Do you have room in your life for another voxel-based exploration adventure game with building? Ynnis Interactive are gambling on the hope that you do. Izle is adventure RPG where you generate floating islands with god-like power – all procedurally created – and then you explore them, fighting monsters and dabbling in some building. 

Not sure if it’s your cup of tea? There’s a demo.

While procedural sandboxes are starting to become a tad rote, Izle has its fair share of novelties. That the creation of the islands is down to the player and their god powers, rather than something that just happens at the start of the game is interesting, and with more power comes different types of islands.

The impact a player has on their islands after they pop into existence is massive, too. “Entire kingdoms and islands will be created or shattered based on your gameplay decisions,” explains the Kickstarter.

Since it’s an RPG, expect to make different character builds – based around the elements – to better deal with a bunch of nasty shadows attempting to invade the floating archipelago.

Izle has been Greenlit on Steam, but the Kickstarter still has a long way to go. It’s less than $15,000 into its $90,000 goal. 17 days are left.