Jack Black’s magic lips return to Double Fine’s voiceover booth in Broken Age


The first half of Broken Age has been released; read our Broken Age Act 1 review.

Tenacious D’s Tribute popped up unexpectedly on the radio yesterday, but even fresh from the memory of its opening acoustic widdlings I remain convinced that Jack Black’s performance in Brutal Legend is the best thing he’s ever contributed to pop culture. Intermittently funny, but above that warm and chummy, his Eddie Riggs was the roadie who kept an otherwise disorganised band of good ideas together.

Black’s returning for a small part in Double Fine’s original Kickstarter smash, Broken Age. At the very least, that means we get to see him in the same room as Tim Schafer for a few seconds.

Oh, and there are others! Look how easily I’m swayed by the presence of celebrity. I’ve completely neglected to mention serial game-improver Jennifer Hale, here playing a lovely maternal star, or the excellently glazed-over wolfisms of David Kaufman – you’ll remember him as a surprisingly effective Marty McFly-alike in Telltale’s Back to the Future series.

A number of other Double Fine alumni also make their own reappearances, as you’re about to hear:

Schafer’s recent budgeting kerfuffle may have made it a little tougher to leap wholeheartedly into the Broken Age buzz – but Kickstarter’s golden child continues to dance on regardless. How do you feel about the game formerly known as Double Fine Adventure?

Thanks, CVG.