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Jagex launching Runescape 3 on July 22nd


Thanks to a new behind the scenes video we’ve learned Runescape 3 will be launching worldwide on July 22nd. The new iteration will move to a more powerful HTML5-powered engine, enabling longer draw distances and shadows. The audio engine also received a revamp, gaining its own dedicated server. The launch will kick off with a world event dubbed the “Battle of Lumbridge”, which is said to change the world of Gielinor forever…ever…ever.

Here’s the announcement video:

I got to play the game in May, and to be honest I’m surprised it’s launching this soon. The new HTML5 engine is by far the biggest change to the veteran MMO, providing a graphical overhaul to the game while retaining its accessibility. It’s clear Jagex want to get Runescape 3 into the players’ hands asap with some new features absent till later updates, such as the new Divination skill, which won’t be added to the game for a full month after launch.