Jagged Alliance 3 has been announced

After more than 20 years, a mainline follow-up to Jagged Alliance 2 is in the works

Several armed mercenaries stand near a pit of burning cars and tires in a remote desert location in Jagged Alliance 3.

The Jagged Alliance series of tactical mercenary strategy games has seen a few spin-offs in the past two decades, but it hasn’t had a new mainline entry since Jagged Alliance 2 launched in 1999. Now, publisher THQ Nordic has revealed Jagged Alliance 3, and says it’s “coming soon”.

Jagged Alliance 3 appears to feature the same kind of squad-based mercenary tactical action that the series is known for, with a modern 3D engine that allows for loads more detail in every character and scene. It’s set in the fictional nation of Grand Chien, which is rich in natural resources but torn apart by political strife. A newly elected president vanishes, and a paramilitary force known as the Legion takes control of the state, and the president’s family has hired you and your leathery mercs to track down the missing president and restore peace to the countryside.

As in Jagged Alliance games of the past, you’ll be balancing your time between recruiting and outfitting a mercenary force, sending them out on missions to control key territories, and training local partisans to help recapture Grand Chien from the Legion. Missions play out in turn-based engagements, and you can play the campaign in online co-op.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

The screenshots available on the newly launched Steam page show a wide variety of environments, from ruined estates to abandoned desert lookout posts to riverside dockyards deep in the jungle.

There’s no release date set yet for Jagged Alliance 3. It’s in development at Haemimont Games, a studio that has produced several Tropico titles, the Diablo-like ARPG Victor Vran, and Surviving Mars.