Free games: Win a Steam key for new tactics game spin-off Jagged Alliance: Rage!

The classic turn-based tactics game returns with a spin-off set 20 years after the original game and we're giving it away

Jagged Alliance: Rage

If you thought the mercenaries in Jagged Alliance had problems before then you better steel yourself for their latest mission. In Jagged Alliance: Rage they’re all 20 years older (but maybe not wiser) and so their knees are starting to creak and give way. And, oh dear, their hearts can’t quite keep beat with the pace they need to survive in the jungle.

When the turn-based tactics series burst onto the scene back in 1995 what made it stand out were its personalities. The mercs you hired complained and made jokes, some of them had rivalries, others fancied a night in the tent alone together. All of that is present in this spin-off but due to being seasoned veterans, whose bodies have aged with all the wear and tear, your squad is constantly on the verge on a breakdown. Yikes.

If you want to discover all the new challenges that’ll bring then you can purchase Jagged Alliance: Rage on Steam. But you can just as easily enter our giveaway below for 20 Steam keys that unlock the full game for you. Good luck!

To give you an idea of what to expect, the story starts as a drug lord uses his army to take over an entire island, imprisoning the population under his dictatorship. The aging veterans under your command have been sent to quell this takeover but find themselves badly equipped and outnumbered.

What you’ll need to resort to, then, is guerrilla tactics to bring down the power structures of the baron and restore strength to the island’s population. Use stealth, ensure your troops down die of dehydration, and use the rage abilities of your soldiers to turn the tide of a battle. Oh, and there’s two player online co-op if you want to play it with a mate.

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Jagged Alliance: Rage giveaway

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