Jazzpunk will take over your life from 7 February

Jazzpunk Necrophone Games

If the Cold War had gone another way then we’d be living in a world of robots with tape cassette breasts, fedora-wearing museum burglars, and sentient martinis. At least, that’s what Jazzpunk would have us believe. I’m inclined to let them after watching another of their fine trailers.

Along with the new trailer we also now have both a release date and Steam page.

More things should have a Thunderbirds style trailer. Mainly the introduction to nightly news programmes. It would give them a further heightened air of the dramatic that they currently lack. Also, doorbells. Doorbells should use that audio.

Yes, there is an official release date, we have it from the horses own word hole:

Jazz Punk’s listed features include:

  • Stereographic Polygony Soundeo™, NOW IN COLOURVISON.

  • A cast of over 360,000 polygons, working in concert.

  • For the first time ever, the human voice captured and preserved in CryoSonic Stasis™, thawed before your very ears during NPC exchanges (voice acting).

  • Windows/Mac/Linux/Suppository

  • Half a dozen jokes.

  • Contains 5% of recommended daily intake of vitamin C++

  • Original soundtrack featuring exotic percussion and homemade analog electronic instruments.

Jazzpunk was also nominated for the Seamus McNalley prize at this year’s IGF. Go team.