These handcrafted keycaps look like a Peter Molyneux game trapped in your keyboard

Jelly Key Forbidden Realm Caps

Do you reckon your keyboard’s looking a little drab? If you want something to spice your rig up that isn’t RGB lighting then take a look at the latest keycaps on offer from Jelly Key.

Pretty keycaps aren’t going to be any use to you unless they’re adorning one of the best gaming keyboards out there. Get on it.

Pretty is a bit of an understatement when talking about these keycaps. Self-described artisans, Vietnamese company, Jelly Key, have been making these beautiful oddities since early last year. Their latest work – called Forbidden Realm – takes the form of three beautiful, nature-inspired designs.

Made with wood, grass, smoke, resin, and ‘something we don’t know the English word for’, each cap in the series is painstakingly handmade, as is the case with all their individual key caps. According to Jelly Key, the process takes anywhere between nine and 24 hours, depending on the intricacy of the design. That’ll probably be why everything on their online store is currently sold out, then…

Jelly Key Forbidden Realm Cap Close Up

They’re not just offering nature-based designs, though – the company have tried their hand at national flags, animals, Christmas caps, and more. What’s more, their keys are Cherry MX compatible, so you won’t have to give up on your beloved clicky switches, and many of their designs are built for backlighting to shine through, resulting in some pretty damn gorgeous effects. You probably won’t be using them to replace the caps on your entire keyboard, though, as they don’t feature decals to tell you what letter/function you’re pressing. Still, you’ll have the sexiest escape key in town…

PC gaming is often all about the numbers. CPU sockets rocking 4,094 pins, overclockers hitting 7.5GHz, and a good helping of ‘my X399 chipset’s bigger than your X299 chipset’ are all proof of that. So sometimes, in the midst of all this number-crunching, it’s nice to see some PC gaming tech exists purely to look pretty.

So, which design tickles your fancy?

Thanks, Hexus.