We're hiring! PCGamesN are looking for a new Staff Writer | PCGamesN

We're hiring! PCGamesN are looking for a new Staff Writer

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That's right, it's the news that literally everyone's been waiting for: we're looking for the next victim member of our editorial team. As the site continues to grow, so does the amount of work we all have. And that just won't do. So we're looking for a Staff Writer to help us spread the load.

Working under the Deputy Editor and Editor-in-chief, we want you to write news, features, reviews and more for PCGamesN.com, as well as contributing to our YouTube channel.

Primarily you’ll have to be a great writer, and passionate and knowledgeable about PC games, but you’ll also have to work quickly, be organised and motivated, and looking to learn and improve.

You’ll be based in our Bath, UK office, and no you won’t get to play PC games all day (but you will a bit).

Responsibilities include:

  • News, feature and review writing
  • Conducting interviews
  • Building and maintaining industry relationships
  • Representing PCGamesN at events
  • YouTube scripting, gameplay capture and presenting
  • CMS work, transcription, and lots of other fun things

Required skills and experience:

  • The ability to write brilliantly, quickly and to task across a range of disciplines
  • A keen interest in videogames and a good knowledge of them
  • Experience writing and pitching articles
  • Proficiency with basic working tools: docs, sheets, that kind of thing
  • Proactivity, attention to detail and excellent organisation
  • Previous CMS experience
  • If you haven’t got a Steam account, you should probably forget it

Desirable skills and experience:

  • Published work somewhere or other, ideally online
  • Basic image and/or video editing skills
  • Previous work on a magazine or website, your own blog, or you’re an insanely busy commenter

To apply please e-mail a CV and covering letter to editor-in-chief Joel Gregory ([email protected]), with the subject line "Staff Writer application". We'd also like to see previous examples of your written work.

Applications close Friday 12th August. Good luck!

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gabrieldlbien avatar1kca avatarAnAuldWolf avatarShriven avatarEmpyre avatar
gabrieldlbien Avatar
1 Year ago

Gah, if I wasn't Australian. Or 19. Damn you, geography and time!

Good luck to whoever gets it!

1kca Avatar
1 Year ago

"If you haven’t got a Steam account, you should probably forget it"

Lol, gold

Shriven Avatar
1 Year ago

How I envision my Interview going.

*scene. Interview, Tim's Kitchen*

Tim: Pleased to meet you. Have a seat.

Me: Great. Thanks for taking the time to see me. I'm really excited to discuss the possibility of working at PCGN. I think I was the first none staff member to register on the site so, you know I have been a fan of the place for a while. I even have the largest post karma!

Tim: Great, great. Listen, shut up for a second. Do you have any writing experience?

Me: None whatsoever. But, I do some Youtube stuff occasionally. Got a decent following there. I know I have talent but, I have had no practical writing experience since High School when I got a poem published in a book about World War One. That is it. Other than writing this interview, ofcourse.

Tim: I see. *Glances vaguely over my CV. His eyes Narrowing at the total lack of anything industry related. His breathing visibly increases when he reads the section on working for Ticketmaster. He is angry. but his face doesnt betray the hatred festering within*

Me: I have large issues with anxiety and being judged by people, so that has always stopped me from putting written reviews out with my real name on them, I guess. But, that is something I have finally started to overcome in recent months. That and I also have terrible grammar. You may have spotted this while reading this sentence, right Tim? * As my eyes dart around the room looking to see If i broke the forth wall anywhere I notice a 6-pack of Pickled Onion Monster Munch on the Kitchen Counter. It has no bearing on my interview.*

Tim: So, what would you say if you were in my position?

Me: "You're Hired"?

Tim: *Glances at a small child in a HTC Vive roaming around the living room* "He can do that?"

I start on Monday.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Did... Did you DooM avatar your entire staff? Gosh. That's amusing.

Not interested, though. Not that I don't think you're brilliant for the service you provide, I just know that I'm not 'normal' enough. So I'd receive mountains of seething hatred for being a hipster. I just don't have the prerequisite levels of neurotypicality. Not that you'd want me, anyway. I'm just a big sack of anxieties, PTSD (diagnosed as), and other traumas, occasionally alleviated by having a brilliant partner. And that's not even considering the autistic thing.

I wouldn't write for anyone. I'd ruin their reputation by being unintentionally weird and fed up with status quo-fetishising normal people. I don't want that. But I do hope you get more excellent writers! Good luck!

(All from a tongue-in-cheek perspective if that wasn't clear. I also know I'm nowhere near talented, eloquent, or literate enough to be a writer.)

Empyre Avatar
1 Year ago

I strongly disagree on your last comment that you are not talented, eloquent, or literate enough when I read your comments on this site.

I respectfully agree that you are a little too hipster though.