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John Romero FPS incoming on PC, legendary Doom designer hints

John Romero FPS

Even now, onetime id designer and cheerleader John Romero begins a new project with a Doom map – a way of sharpening his blades in the birthplace of devious 3D level design. A new Romero map emerged in January, and sure enough, the man is now making noises about a PC first-person shooter.

Why not catch up on the best FPS games in the genre – Romero’s handiwork included?

The story starts, oddly, with a website supposedly belonging to a HOXAR Inc. The company, who are new to us, boast “hoxel technology” equal to the holodeck. Their advanced room VR reportedly “feels, smells and looks like the real thing”, without recourse to goggles.

Here’s the thing about VR: if it doesn’t exist at Valve, chances are it doesn’t exist at all.

A Shack News source linked the fictional company to Romero, who promptly confirmed as much:

Romero first mentioned that he’d started work on a shooter two years ago – though it’s not clear if the two games are the same. The new project would be the first Romero-directed FPS since the infamous Daikatana, new Doom level aside. Would you play it?