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John Wick Hex scores - our roundup of the critics

Mr. Wick takes some knocks, but he's still standing at the end

The long-awaited gaming debut of cinema’s favourite pencil-abuser is here, and the John Wick Hex scores are in. The strategy game puts you in the role of Keanu Reeves’ Baba Yaga, and aims to capture that methodical ballet of murder under the turn-based auspices of tactical thinking. The consensus? It’s not perfect, but Hex admirably captures the spirit of the films and offers its own strategic joys.

In our John Wick Hex review, Jeremy awards it an 8 out of 10, and says that “much like the man himself, John Wick Hex is straight-ahead and unwavering. It sets out to do one thing – simulate the fights of the movies – and does so with consummate efficiency.”

Similarly, PC Gamer says Hex effectively converts “the pace of the movie action into a very elegant illusion of it.” Game Informer’s reviewer says “I continually returned to John Wick Hex because the core mechanics are incredibly tight.” Eurogamer says the franchise’s “stylish cinematic super-violence is transformed into smart temporal puzzles.”

That’s translated into an admirable 74 on review aggregator Metacritic, but the praise isn’t universal. IGN says Hex’s tactics are let down by a “distracting lack of polish,” while USgamer’s assessment is even harsher: “It’s a one-dimensional tactics game that moves at a glacially slow pace and features few unique wrinkles.”

Check out all the scores below.

Game Informer
PC Gamer
: 9/10
Strategy Gamer: 4/5

Sounds like John Wick’s debut on the computer screen is broadly successful, though there’s room for improvement. John Wick Hex is available now on the Epic Games Store.