RGG sneakily announces Judgment on PC and Lost Judgment on PC

Judgment on PC is finally happening, as RGG Studios sneakily announces a PC port for the Yakuza spinoff and its sequel, and both of them are out soon

Judgment on PC: A middle-aged man with a flora shirt stands in the middle of the road with a smirk on his face

Yakuza makers RGG Studio stealthily announced Judgment on PC and Lost Judgment on PC, hot on the heels of the action game studio’s big showcase that also announced two more brand-new Yakuza games – or, Like A Dragon, to use the new official localized name. Judgment on PC and its sequel are out now on Steam. Unlike the other newly announced Like A Dragon games, RGG made no mention of either PC port coming to Windows or the Epic Games Store.

Judgment and its sequel follow former attorney Takayuki Yagami as he embarks on a career as a private detecetive after his fall from grace and uncovers a dark conspiracy involving Kamurocho’s police force and a serial killer. Lost Judgment sees Yagami tackle a more intensely personal issue, where he embeds himself in a Yokohama school to find the truth behind a grisly death and its ties to bullying.

Both games feature the Yakuza series’ traditional action combat, though Yagami uses different styles, and while they generally strike a more serious tone, RGG’s signature quirkiness shows up more often than not in side stories. Alongside tracking down serial killers, you can also expect Yagami to run across serial panty sniffers and a range of other bizarre problems and personalities.

PC players get their pick of different editions for both games.

  • Judgement’s standard edition – $39.99 and includes the base game.
  • Lost Judgement standard edition – $59.99, includes the base game and school stories pack
  • Judgement and Lost Judgmenet digital deluxe bundle – $98.87, includes both games, the school stories expansion, and the Kaito Files DLC
  • The Kaito Files – $29.99, can be purchased separately

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