Jurassic Life mod trailer shows work in progress dinosaurs – still rousing


Here’s a mod project that may be feeling a lawyer’s wrath soon: Jurassic Life has you take up the mantel of the head of park safety at Jurassic Park. You’ll be seeing familiar sights from the film (both building-wise and, more importantly, dinosaur wise) as you fight your way through plenty of scaly reptiles.

Check out the trailer below, it’s looking pretty luscious for a fan made game.

The Source Engine’s never looked so ripe. Usually, with a setting like a tropical jungle, you’d expect teams to opt for the CryEngine but the peeps behind Jurassic Life have managed to get a great looking crop out of the Valve’s verging-on-ancient engine.

According to ModDB, the team have been working on the mod since 2005 though work in the past year seems to have ramped up significantly: “We finished the explorer, drivable, and new weapons, usable, like the machete and SPAS12 which has been redone. We also advanced a lot with NPC, our character models, Nedry and Hammond are still in progress but have advanced much more and are included in the game.

“New fauna has been added, birds, insects, crocodiles, and, of course, many new dinosaurs, animated, and hostiles.

“We are also working on a whole new AI for dinosaurs, so the most clever of them will patiently hide so he can ambush you when you feel safe. All levels have been greatly improved, with better lights, better design to enhance your experience.”

The team are looking to expand with new volunteers, particularly programmers, so if you fancy getting your dino on then get in contact.

Hopefully this won’t be a project slapped down by lawyers, but I don’t imagine Universal will be entirely happy with the use of the Jurassic Park theme tune.

Thanks PC Gamer and Gaming Blend.