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Jurassic World Evolution review scores - our round-up of all the critics

Jurassic World Evolution

It’s Jurassic World Evolution review day, which means that the hottest dinosaur-themed takes are rampaging across the internet as we speak. In our own review, Julian says:

“There is a kind of magic to seeing such familiar yet alien creatures move, behave, and interact as though they had been observed in the wild. And it also speaks to the focus of the game that I was able to unlock all the islands and missions without solving the puzzle of my park’s patrons.”

(Whether or not that magic stemmed from before or after he let the Tyrannosaurus run rampant over the park isn’t entirely clear).

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To help you get a slightly more objective view, however, we’ve collected together a round-up of Jurassic World Evolution review scores from around the web. Overall, it seems to have been a pretty reasonable outing – there’s no metacritic roundup just yet, but Jurassic World Evolution’s OpenCritic score is 79 at time of writing. Jules seemed to get it about right, then, offering a score of 8/10.

You can check out our Jurassic World Evolution review roundup below. Unless otherwise stated, all reviews were done on PC.

Largely, then, it seems that Frontier’s dinosaur management game has been a success (more so than Julian’s attempts at running his park, anyway). Major praise stems from the appearance of the dinosaurs themselves, but be wary that there’s not as deep a management game here as perhaps there could have been.

Jurassic World Evolution comes out tomorrow, and you can pick it up via Steam right now. Just try not to do what Julian did, all right? Keep the carnivorous monsters inside the enclosures. Did you get that? Inside.