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Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta is open to the public this weekend


If you think the above image is pure madness, this was before they all performed a synchronized skydive. Also, no one is exploding. This is the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod currently in beta, and you guys are all invited to play it this very weekend. The folks in charge of creating all this mayhem are JC-MP.com, who are developing the mod with donations and their own dosh.

It’s one step closer to a final release, but the developers need your help to test the mod. “We will be holding a public beta test for JC2-MP this weekend, which means you will be able to play too!” announced JC-MP. “If everything goes as expected the test will run for 48 hours, giving everyone a fair chance to join.”

If you want a taste of what’s on offer, check this video of a recent closed beta test:

Thanks reddit.