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Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod will grapple your heart


Even a game as packed as Just Cause 2 is bound to be missing something. It might have enabled players to ride exploding cannisters into the sky, but it lacked multiplayer support. The one game that I wanted to be able to dazzle my friends and it left that functionality out. I didn’t do anything about it, apart from whining in a really nasally voice, but the JC2MP guys have.

The mod had been quiet, essentially shut down for reasons of stability, but those problems are no longer a barrier. They’re currently putting together the final touches that’ll allow friends to do those amazing Just Cause 2 stunts together. I honestly think that it might give the same sort of bump that Dayz has brought Arma II. Don’t believe me? Look.

I’d pay for that if it was DLC. If it’s stable, easy to use, this will be huge. The smallest bikes to the biggest planes are all playable. You can fight, stunt, ride on top a plane flown by another player. It brings a new lease of life to a game that already had more to it than most single-player games. Mods are brilliant.

There are a few, more detailed videos of the developers testing out the game here.