Just Cause 3 patch 1.021 improves memory management, can now remember your anniversary together


Just Cause doesn’t actually know anything about you. It’s a machine. It’s incapable of feelings. But if it could then patch 1.021 would be the solution to its troubling early-onset memory problems, the miracle cure you’ve been waiting for, as it improves how it communicates with your computer’s RAM. It should also fix some crash to desktop issues that occured when, er, trying to exit to the desktop. It’s about the principal.

What would you like to see from Just Cause 3 mods?

The announcement comes from Steam, where they provide these details about the pair of fixes:

  • Improved Stability When Exiting To Desktop – As some of you will be aware, there was an issue that would sometimes cause the game to crash when exiting to desktop. The cause of this issue has been identified and addressed with this update.
  • Improved Memory Management – In addition to fixing the exit to desktop crash, this update also improves Just Cause 3’s memory management across a variety of hardware configurations. Some systems will feel this beneficial impact more than others.

What they’re yet to fix are some of the major FPS issues that users have been experiencing, particularly when trying to push towards 60 on higher settings. Memory management is a part of that, but optimisation for various types of graphics cards seems to be the main issue. As with any PC release, this can come down to very specific hardware configurations that are hard to track down and fix. However, for Just Cause 3, AMD cards particularly have reported problems and, based on the Steam reviews, this is a more wide-spread concern than standard, if not quite Arkham-bad.

Avalanche round off the post by saying they are working on further fixes for these and more. Hopefully those arrive soon so everyone can get to blowing up water towers and grappling hooking a jeep to a plane. For justice.

Thanks, PCGamer.