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Just Cause 3 trailer shows beautiful explosions in the eye of the beholder

just cause 3 trailer avalanche studios square enix

Just Cause 3 was revealed a little over three months ago and since then we’ve not seen it in motion, only through pretty, pretty screenshots. Today’s trailer continues that trend but it’s still a very nice trailer that gets to the heart of what makes Just Cause tick: explosions.

Big, smoke-belching explosions.

While that trailer didn’t reveal anything new about Just Cause 3 (the screenshots showed off the wingsuit, explosions, dictator, returning protagonist, and destruction already) it did look very nice, didn’t it?

One thing we’ve a little more definition on is the 2015 release date, we now know not to expect it before the year’s latter months.

Oh, and that song’s Torre Florim’s cover of Prodigy’s Firestarter: