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These Just Cause 3 screenshots show Rico getting in touch with his softer side

Just Cause 3 screenshots Square Enix avalanche studios

Both of Avalanche Studios’ previous Just Cause games have been big, brash, explosion-filled affairs. In the second game you could throw yourself out of a plane, land on another plane, pull the pilot out the cockpit, crash that into an army base (ejecting just before collision) and then set off on a motorbike firing a machine gun into clusters of explosive barrels.

Avalanche have chosen to go for a more arthouse approach in their third Just Cause game. It’s not about explosions anymore but developing Rico Rodrguez’s more sensitive side.

Rico going for a fly over a field of lilacs.

Rico on an evening drive.

Rico greeting an old friend.

Rico going in for a hug.

Rico giving a flying lesson.

Rico stretching his quads.

Rico rushes to help a man who’s collapsed.