This is what Just Cause 3 looks like at 4K and max settings – and yes, there’s a Formula One car

Just Cause 3 4k max settings

You’ve got to hand it to Just Cause 3 – it just instinctively gets what’s fun about videogames. It might seem obvious that letting you affix a man to a tractor with a grappling hook and then ghost that tractor off a cliff is enjoyable, but apparently not obvious enough for other games to empower you in the same way. Turns out it’s quite a looker with the ‘Graphic’ button dialled right up, too, as this new 4K, max settings video demonstrates. 

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Those draw distances. That large-scale environmental destruction. That, um, F1 car. It’s probably not a fully licensed vehicle from the FIA Formula One World Championship, let’s face it. But let’s pretend. Bernie Ecclestone can’t stop us pretending, no matter how hard he tries to distract us by so closely resembling a member of the Beatles mummified in the late ’60s and subsequently exhumed.

The game’s out on 1 December, so crunch/polish time is drawing to a close for Avalanche. I’ve played the game a few times already this year and was impressed by the stability of its frame rate no matter what hare-brained scheme I enacted. Admittedly I don’t know which GPU was powering my destruction, but consistent frame rate is a reasonably good indicator of a well-optimised engine regardless of spec.

It’s just really hard to imagine that Just Cause 3 isn’t going to be tremendous fun, isn’t it? Not long now until we get to find out conclusively. Don’t falter now, Rico.