This Just Cause 4 easter egg lets you turn NPCs into cows

Just Cows 4

The Just Cause series is best-known for its penchant for wanton destruction and its blatant disregard for the laws of physics, but over the years developer Avalanche Studios has also proven itself pretty good at making easter eggs. And it seems as though the latest instalment is no exception.

Just Cause 4 maintains the series’ daft approach to weaponry by virtue of the Cow Gun. The weapon’s name gives you some clue as to its function, which allows you to turn any NPC in the game into a cow. That’s funny enough by itself, but even more amusing is the fact that their bovine transformation doesn’t seem to both your new four-legged pals in the slightest.

In a series of clips embedded below, you can see Rico using the gun on a variety of NPCs. Once they’ve transformed, the cows maintain their animations, whether that might be walking, playing a musical instrument, or firing a mounted turret at Rico. Just be aware that it doesn’t actually do any damage, and simply turning someone into a cow doesn’t affect their ability to shoot you.

To find the weapon, you’ll need to hed to the Vaivanes region in the south-west of the island. Once there, you’ll find a farm near south-west of an airstrip and directly north of an army base. Head there, and you’ll find the Cow Gun on the porch.

An udderly ridiculous weapon in Just Cause 4 from r/gaming

Players have already discovered plenty of Just Cause 4 easter eggs. One transforms the game into a parody of the music video for A-Ha’s 1985 hit Take On Me, while another lets you play a scaled down version of the fiendishly difficult Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. When it comes to Just Cause easter eggs, however, my heart will always belong to Just Cause 2’s adorable little robo-shark.

Header image – Mathchief / YouTube