Did you know David Tennant was in Just Cause 3? Well he is…

Just Cause 3 David Tennant

Stop strapping C-4 to goats and blowing up bridges for a minute, because it turns out that Doctor bloody Who himself is in Just Cause 3. Head to his IMDb page and you’ll see that the Scottish actor, famous for his stint as the tenth Doctor among other things, lends his voice to a minor role in the game.

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Playing the part of General Di Revello’s Propaganda Minister, Tennant’s voice crops up a number of times over the course of Just Cause 3 in the form of recurring radio broadcasts, which are mainly used to provide colourful excuses for the destruction of any of Di Ravello’s key military bases. Tennant is brilliant in the role, voicing the embittered, forced positivity of the character superbly; he’s easily the funniest presence in the game.

While the voice isn’t immediately recognizable as Tennant’s, the occasional glimpses of his Scottish accent do creep into the broadcasts. Listen carefully while you’re playing and you’ll also hear a few sneaky tongue-in-cheek, fourth wall-breaking moments, including one where the Propaganda Minister mentions being a kidnapped celebrity.