Kage Tycoon codes November 2023

For bonus money, luck, RC, XP, and more, we’ve got all the new Kage Tycoon codes, and we keep an eye on when BladeMinds reveal more.

Kage Tycoon codes: A close up of a render of a Roblox character's face in Kage Tycoon.

August 8, 2023: We have added a new entry to the active Kage Tycoon codes list and removed an expired code.

What are the active Kage Tycoon codes? A lot of the most popular Roblox games are inspired by anime, and Kage Tycoon is no different, openly inspired by Naruto. The developer, BladeMinds, has tapped into this love and even offers loads of great in-game redemption codes to keep players coming back for more, so we wanted to find out the very latest codes.

Whether you’re new to the anime-inspired game or a seasoned Kage Tycoon veteran, we’d still recommend keeping up on the latest Roblox promo codes for extra cash, XP, and even luck – lord knows we can always use some of that. We can also help you find more codes for one of the best Roblox games, and we show you how to redeem them in-game. With a new update coming to Kage Tycoon soon, Roblox developer BladeMinds has released some new codes this week to get you hyped up, so perfect your Naruto run and redeem these Kage Tycoon codes in preparation.

Kage Tycoon codes: A promotional image for Kage Tycoon on Roblox, featuring some of the worlds environments behind the words "Tycoon Kage"

New Kage Tycoon codes

Enter the following codes in-game for some amazing rewards:

  • 25klikes – free rewards (NEW)
  • happyHolidays – 15,000 RC, lucky boost
  • LikePizza! – 7,500 RC
  • NewInsect! – lucky boost, RC boost

Expired codes

  • 20Klikes! – 10,000 RC, money boost, lucky boost
  • bigEventSoon! – lucky boost, RC boost
  • beReady! – 25% luck boost for 30 minutes
  • newSeasonSoon! – 5,000 cash, 25% RC boost 55 minutes
  • NewNamikaze! – 10,000 cash, 10,000 RC
  • 15Klikes! – 25% RC boost, 25% cash boost
  • newSeason! – 15,000 RC, money boost
  • RebirthPass! – RC boost
  • TenseiMode! – 25% lucky boost
  • 1mvisits! – 1,000 RC, RC Boost, XP Boost
  • 600Kvisits! – 1,500 RC, cash boost, XP boost
  • season1 – 10,000 cash, 2,000 RC
  • 80Kvisits! – 20,000 XP
  • 1500likes! – 10,000 cash, 1,000 RC

How do I redeem Kage Tycoon codes

Redeeming Kage Tycoon codes in-game is thankfully pretty simple, follow these steps:

  • Launch Kage Tycoon via its official Roblox page.
  • Click Play
  • Hit the blue settings button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Enter the code as it appears above into the box.
  • Click on the ‘Redeem’ button to claim your code.

A still from in-game showing how to redeem Kage Tycoon codes, with a blue box surrounding a codes text box.

How do I get more Kage Tycoon codes

As with most Roblox games, the developer will usually share new codes when an exciting milestone is passed or a new update is released, often on their social media channels. Check BladeMinds’ Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Discord, or the Roblox launch page for the Kage Tycoon game.

If there’s still something missing from your Roblox experience once you’ve redeemed these Kage Tycoon codes, then perhaps it’s because you need the latest Roblox music codes, too. We’ve also got codes for some of your other favorite Roblox games, including Motorcycle Mayhem codes and Race Clicker codes, and Legends of Speed codes to give you all the help you need to race ahead of the competition.