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Kanye West wants to meet Hideo Kojima, and Geoff Keighley says he’ll make it happen

Hideo Kojima is in New York. Kanye West is in New York. Kanye wants to meet Hideo. Game Awards host Geoff Keighley says he can make it happen. I’m immensely thankful that 2018 is nearly over, because I’m not sure I can stand another moment of this year’s social media rollercoaster.

“Heard Hideo Kojima is in NY,” West Tweets. “We need to meet. Does anyone know where he is or how to contact him?” Keighley, a known facilitator of improbable meetups and a regular member of what I like to call the Kojima BFF club tweets in response “I got ya.” I am both curious about and terrified of whatever DMs are happening behind the scenes here.

Yeezy also tweeted directly at Kojima’s English account, politely saying “Let’s please meet today. I’m in NY as well.” Kojima’s been tweeting photos of his visit to the city throughout the day, though he hasn’t yet responded to Kanye. Ye, meanwhile, has been hanging out with a painting of JP Morgan, which – I have to assume – offers us some bizarre preview of the next Death Stranding trailer.

Kojima’s been on a world tour since parting ways with Konami, visiting game developers and other entertainment studios. He even met with Gabe Newell and the folks at Valve a little over a month ago.

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What this all eventually leads to is anybody’s guess, but I for one expect 2019 to host the most ridiculous Game Awards crossover yet.

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