Kena Bridge of Spirits Steam version out now with anniversary DLC

Ember Lab’s hit action platformer is finally on Steam, with a celebratory anniversary DLC pack that adds challenges, cosmetics, and more

Kena Bridge of Spirits Steam version out now with anniversary DLC: an animated girl holds a staff with a glowing tip

If you’ve been waiting for Kena Bridge of Spirits on Steam, your wait is over. Ember Lab announced their popular action adventure game is available on Steam, one year after its original launch on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation 5. Kena on Steam releases alongside the meaty anniversary update, which is also available on other platforms and includes new modes, New Game+, and quite a bit more.

Kena Bridge of Spirits on Steam will set you back $39.99/£31.99 for the standard edition and $49.99/£39.99 for the digital deluxe edition. The digital deluxe edition comes with an exclusive outfit for Kena, along with a Golden Rot, weapon cosmetic, and the game’s soundtrack. Deluxe edition owners get a new outfit for Kena with the free anniversary pack as well.

Kena’s anniversary update adds New Game+ with a suite of redesigned challenges meant to test your skills with all of Kena’s unlocked abilities. It also includes Spirit Trials, a new mode with three challenge types: obstacles courses, boss reflects, and wave defenses. Completing trials earns you new outfits for Kena, and you can get palette swaps for them by completing bonus objectives in each trial.

“Kena: Bridge of Spirits was our very first game and, as you might expect, means a great deal to everyone at the studio,” Josh Grier, Ember Lab’s CEO, said. “It’s one of the reasons why developing this DLC has been a labor of love. In particular, we can’t wait to see fans play the New Game+ mode and more challenging combat encounters.”

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