Kerbal Space Program gets its next big update with the Making History expansion

KSP Making History

Having developed Kerbal Space Program into the top little green man space mission simulator, Squad are looking to further enrich the KSP experience with more content and chances for player expression. Thanks to the recent release of 1.2.2, Squad are now comfortable to release the game’s first major expansion.

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Titled “Making History”, this expansion adds the new Mission Builder and History Pack to Kerbal Space Program, giving aspiring astronauts the ability to both create and play through historic space missions. The Mission Builder allows players to craft their own space missions and then share them with the community. You can drag and drop elements like time restraints, fuel limitations, part restrictions and even special events to make your assignments as easy or as hard as you desire.

The History Pack will be made up of pre-made missions, based on actual space flights. These missions will be available to play as soon as you download the update, so you can see if you can do the Apollo 11 landing better than the original astronauts.

The History Pack does come with a new set of parts, based on American and Soviet space programs, along with a new spacesuit for Jeb and his buddies to wear when blasting off into the great beyond. Kerbonauts even get their own personal parachutes as part of this update, meaning all is not lost should your rocket spectacularly explode upon leaving the atmosphere.

If you bought Kerbal Space Program before April 2013, you will get the Making History expansion for free, while all other players must buy the expansion to get access to the Mission Builder, new parts and so on. Making History is still under active development so expect price and release details in the near future.

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