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Indie game ‘Mixtape’ drops next week with 30 grassroots games

The Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 4 is a collection of 30 of the latest underground indie games, plus 10 demos and a custom soundtrack player

Indie games mixtape: In Olive's Art Adventure, a green-haired girl in a beret and painter's smock runs through a labyrinth pursued by a menacing rubber stamp

If you pine for the days of shareware disks and demo CDs, the Super Rare Mixtape series is just your jam. Each volume in the series is a big collection of hand-picked grassroots indie games, and the latest edition arrives October 6 with a whole new batch of underground goodness.

Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 4 includes a smorgasbord of genre smash-ups. There are horror-shooters, romance racers, and of course a selection of throwback games designed to evoke the early PS1 era of the early 2000s. For the games history geeks out there, the collection features 38 art galleries, 18 developer audio diaries, and 19 soundtracks, all meant to help preserve the story behind each of the games.

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It comes on a USB drive shaped like a classic cassette tape – for the younger members of the audience, these were plastic things we used to store music on. The tape is packaged in a glossy slim box that’ll look nice on a shelf alongside any other physical games media you’ve collected, and it includes a full-colour manual (with pages dedicated to each game in the collection).

The games included in Vol. 4 are:

  • 0SPACE
  • A Knife Made of Whispers
  • A Raven Monologue
  • Abyssal Plains
  • AnoMalice
  • Cats on Mars
  • City33
  • Death Strike
  • Devil Catcher
  • Drifting Hearts
  • Fishie Fishie
  • From Primordial Egg
  • Grandpa’s Minigun
  • Ignis Universia: Eternal Sisters DX
  • Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls
  • Machine Gun Gardener
  • Monstruous
  • My Friend is a Raven
  • Olive’s Art-Venture
  • Punch Guy
  • Reed the Robotanist: Plus
  • SELF
  • Swallow the Sea
  • The Frightening Nightmare of Little Eddy
  • The Giraffe World
  • The Power
  • Veinless Property
  • Yolkspire

You can order your copy over at Super Rare Games’ official site when the mixtape goes on sale October 6 – but hurry, because only 1,500 copies will be available. The collection is priced at $32.02 / £34.80.