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Still breathing: Killer Is Dead Nightmare Edition coming to PC with “tactical” mode on May 9

Suda51 is best known for Killer7. That was a while ago.

Killer Is Dead is a game set in a world that resembles a near-future version of ours, but isn’t (any resemblance to places living or dead, etc). You, The Player, take on the role of a very, very busy executioner with a glam-rock name: Mondo Zappa. You work for the Bryan Execution Firm, run by a cyborg named Bryan.

Your right arm is glued to a Japanese sword. Your left is made of guns. Deep Silver call them “interchangeable weapons”, by which I think they mean you can swap them out. And if you’re not sold by now, Killer Is Dead probably isn’t for you.

Why are Deep Silver talking about Killer Is Dead again? Because they’re releasing Suda51’s latest slice of batshit for the PC, at long last.

Killer Is Dead’s Nightmare Edition will be 19.99 pounds, euros or dollars – apparently Deep Silver think they’re interchangeable too.

The new stuff comprises a difficulty mode in which enemies can only be killed via a specific set of moves – Adrenaline Burst, Dodge Burst, and Headshot. The Final Judgement finisher QTE will be disabled, and Deep Silver reckon the game requires “far more skill and tactics” as a result.

The consoles’ Smooth Operator DLC is also included, alongside a Theatre Mode – best used to help “unravel the story” once you’ve finished.

Suda and his studio, Grasshopper Manufacture, have an enviable reputation for distinctively oddball action in some corners – but even loyalists struggled with Killer is Dead’s confused story and brow so low as to sweep up its own gore – check out Google’s image search results.

Zappa’s goal is to execute “various heinous criminals”, located all around the world and – wait for it – beyond. But along the way he’ll find time to unlock weapons by looking down a lady’s top when she’s not looking:

Cringe. Have any of you lot played this, or been waiting to?

Thanks, RPS.