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Killer Instinct punches its way onto Windows 10 this month

Killer Instinct

Free-to-play brawler Killer Instinct is heading to Windows 10 on March 29.

Who knows, maybe it will carve out a space in our list of PC’s best free-to-play games.

The PC version will arrive alongside the game’s third season, which adds a lovely graphical update and that Arbiter fella from Halo.

Whether you will be able to play as Master Chief’s alien mate or not will be decided by the game’s character rotation system, or perhaps your wallet. Killer Instinct, being free-to-play and everything, will stick you with one character and rotate them monthly, swapping them out for someone new. If you want to consistently play as a specific character you’ll need to buy them.

And if you’re worried you will be forever alone because you’ll never manage to convince your friends to venture onto the Windows Store, fear not – cross-play will be available between PC and Xbox One.

Now we just need to wait and see if Iron Galaxy can do a better job of this port than they did with Batman: Arkham Knight.

Grab it via the Windows Store on March 29.