Killer Instinct Season 3 details revealed: balance changes, Kim Wu and Halo’s Arbiter

Killer Instinct Kim Wu

Killer Instinct is heading to PC with its Season 3 update and creators Iron Galaxy have revealed all the changes and additions that will be coming with it. At the World Championships this past weekend they debuted a new character trailer, the official balance notes for the update and a tease for what looks like the Halo series’ playable covenant soldier, The Arbiter.

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First up is Kim Wu, who featured in the classic games and has a dragon spirit and nunchucks. This makes her officially cool.

She can hit projectiles out of the air and store up charges of her dragon spirit to use later in longer and longer combos. The first iteration of the 2013 version of the series was a game all about stringing neigh-endless combos together while your opponent tried to break out, but that seems to have died down a bit based on what I saw at the world championships this weekend. It’s still utterly ludicrous compared to a more methodical game like Street Fighter (though doesn’t have the 100 to nothings of Marvel vs. Capcom), but it would be nice to see a little bit of that back in the right situations.

Iron Galaxy also showed off this teaser for the next character to be revealed from, of all things, the Halo franchise:

Weirdest, perhaps, is the choice of the Arbiter rather than Master Chief as a character to port, but perhaps his common wielding of a laser sword (and giant hulking frame) made him more attractive as a fighting game inclusion. It’s certainly a unique draw, as Iron Galaxy’s partnership with Microsoft that keeps the game an Xbox One, and soon Windows 10, exclusive is what will have allowed it to happen.

Meanwhile, a full changelog was released for the Season 3 Update, which you can read over on Shoryuken. In general, it moves towards more options and less points where combos lead to more combos without decisions between them. There’s also a huge number of buffs, nerfs and bug fixes to the entire cast.