Killing Floor 2 release date set for November 18


The explosive, deadly, gory Killing Floor 2 will leave Early Access come November, consuming everything in its path in a tide of infected ghouls and hellish bosses. That’s the news out of developers Tripwire today, who will be selling it for £29.99 / €39.99 / $49.99 on the 18th.

Will it become one of the great FPS games on PC?

Here’s the feature list for the final version:

  • Up to six player co-op with various playable characters in a round-based horde mode.
  • 12 player versus survival mode where you get to be the bad guys.
  • A massive number of weapons, perks and enemies to fight.
  • Melee has been redesigned from the first game, with multiple kinds of strike for each weapon.

If you want a small taste of all that, it’s been in Early Access since the start of the year and it’s cheaper now than it will be then. There’s also a reasonably sized Reddit communityready to accept you. Have a look at this comment for what’s changing between now and launch.

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