Killing Floor 2’s The Descent adds maps, weapons, and a new sub-mode for free


A free content update landed for Killing Floor 2 today, adding in guns, places to shoot those guns, and another way in which to shoot said guns. 

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Guns? Guns! One of those guns is actually two guns – two bloody revolvers that spit out angry death fire. Appropriately, they’re called Spitfires.

There’s also a beefy LMG called the Stoner 63a, which fires forever before you need to reload. Presumably it’s safer to just use another gun at that point, but it’ll be super handy to mow through hordes of zeds until the belt is dry.

Once you’ve grabbed your new death tools, you can hop into the two new maps: Nuked and Descent. They’ll no doubt look lovely covered in gibs.

In the Descent, you can play Holdout, a new sub-mode that keeps players moving around the arena.

Killing Floor 2 will be free to play in full this weekend, and it’ll have a 50% discount if you fancy keeping hold of it. It goes free at 10:00 PST on Thursday, March 23.