Scream: Killing Floor 2 showcases more of its deadly denizens

Killing Floor 2 Siren

Killing Floor’s staple baddies are coming back for the sequel, more ugly and threatening than ever before. Tripwire have shown off another round of the monsters: Bloat, Gorefast, Stalker, Husk and pictured above, the Siren.

Check the trailer below, and be sure to pay attention as it “may save your life”.

All we really know is that they look prettier than ever thanks to using Unreal Engine 3; they’ve even made a new system dedicated to gore. Whether the monsters themselves have changed from their original brethren remains to be seen, but an educated guess would be that they have.

I don’t remember the Stalker knowing kung-fu, do you?

If you missed the last batch of zed debuts, you can catch them over here.

Thanks PC Gamer!