This Kinesis gaming keyboard is perfect for LAN events, and it’s on sale!

If you've ever wanted to chop a high-quality gaming keyboard in half, we have some good news for you...

Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge Split keyboard for LAN

The best gaming keyboards are mechanical ones, without a shadow of a doubt. But mechanical keyboards can feel cumbersome and clunky, sometimes even the compact ones. In other words, they might not be the best contenders for LAN events. So what do you get if you want something that works for LANs, but also keeps that sweet mechanical click-clack? This keyboard by Kinesis, that’s what.

The Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Keyboard makes up for its tongue-twister title by packing top-quality mechanical switches into an inventive split design that’s perfect for versatility and saving space when necessary. And it’s now $20 off on Amazon’s US site. It’s still an expensive piece of kit at $199, but if you’re a seasoned LANer it’s definitely worth the investment.

What sets it apart from the competition is that it’s a split keyboard that doesn’t sacrifice any high-quality components or gaming functionality for this design. It even has full RGB for all you red, green, and blue lovers. You can also choose between Cherry MX Blue, Red, and Brown Switches, meaning typists can get their clicky-clacky MX Blue fix, gamers can get their smooth MX Red WASD action, and those of us that want something in-between can go for the silent but tactile MX Brown switches.

Whether you frequent big LAN gaming events, or simply take your PC around a friend’s house for a small LAN gathering, you’re probably used to the familiar ‘cram your peripherals onto an undersized desk and tuck your elbows in’ experience. This keyboard is designed to mitigate that experience.

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Kinesis says this keyboard’s “versatile split design” is “great for typing and gaming: move the right module out of the way and bring your mouse in close for improved endurance and more precise aim”. You can “rotate the left module for optimal key coverage or to squeeze into a tight space at a LAN. Or, split the modules up to 20 inches and put your stream mic, HOTAS, or mouse in the middle for easy access. Separate the modules to shoulder-width for an ergonomic typing posture and add the lift kit tenting accessory to reduce forearm strain.”

So, not only is it great for squeezing into tight spaces when necessary, but you also retain the functionality of a full-sized keyboard when you add the right half back into the mix. And the split design and wrist-rest give it an ergonomic advantage over most standard keyboards, making for a comfortable typing experience that has a lower risk of repetitive strain injury.

There are plenty of split designs out there, but none that are tailored to a high-quality gaming experience like this one. It even has macro keys running down the left side for those of you playing ability-heavy MMO games like World of Warcraft. The versatility that it offers (wide split, small split, left side only, and so on) makes it perfect for almost any gaming scenario, and that it manages this while also keeping high-quality key switches and a great gamer aesthetic makes it worth its hefty price tag, especially with this $20 discount.